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Companies face a variety of challenges. As a specialist broker, LEADING BROKERS UNITED – Credit & Finance Gruppe provides individual advice and tailored products for insurance and financial solutions.

In cooperation with our network partners we have many years of experience in the financial industry, both in banking and insurance. Our activities are always focused on sustainability for the long-term security of corporate financing with the greatest possible flexibility.

Whether you need protection against bad debt losses or economic and cybercrime, provision of guarantees or warranties, safeguarding, support and financing of projects or have questions on various financing issues – we are here for you!

Basically, all documentation must be treated in strict confidence and all business information must be guaranteed full protection.

Credit Insurance

Credit insurance protects your company from the consequences of insolvency or non-payment by customers who are in arrears and, at the same time, enables you to trust new customers and to grant (supplier) credit. The positive effects on your financial situation and your debtor management may be immense!

  • credit insurance for small and medium-sized companies
  • credit insurance for large companies
  • multi-national programmes
  • project-related credit insurance for capital goods
  • safeguarding against political risks

Credit Insurance

Capital Goods Credit Insurance

Single Buyer

Surety Insurance / Guarantee Facility

In the mechanical engineering and plant engineering industries and in the construction industry in particular but in other branches of the economy as well, providing sureties, guarantees or bonds is almost always a requirement for obtaining and carrying out an order or a project. The selection of a suitable guarantor with the right surety to satisfy your customer and to ease any pressure on your bank credit lines is crucial!

  • advanced payments bonds
  • contract performance bonds
  • security for defects discovered during the warranty period
  • bid bonds
  • customs bonds
  • lease security deposits (cooperation with the DBK Deutsches Bürgschafts Kontor)
  • re-cultivation sureties
  • etc.

Fidelity Insurance / Protection from White-Collar Crime

Protecting one’s assets from illegal acts by persons of trust is becoming increasingly important. The area of risk is wide: from embezzlement, fraud, theft through sabotage, prohibited access to IT systems (attacks by hackers) to disclosure of company or business secrets. The indirect (worsening in credit ratings or reputation, damages claims etc.) and direct consequences, such as liquidity outflows, can threaten a company’s existence.

Cyber Insurance

The digitisation of our society proceeds more and more – and, unfortunately, so even does cyber crime. The cyber insurance is an additional insurance, that covers claims (own damages and damages caused by third parties as well as cyber extortion) in connection with hacker attacks or other actions of cyber crime. Cyber insurance should also be checked in addition to fidelity insurance, especially regarding non-target-orientated attacks, indirect damages or negligent activities.

D&O (Directors’ and Officers’) Insurance

D&O insurance is financial liability insurance designed to protect company management bodies and senior company executives against financial liability claims due to breaches of obligations to do with duty of care. This long-established form of protection, which has been a matter of course in English-speaking countries, is now also becoming increasingly important in Germany due to changes in legal and liability principles. It should always be analysed together with fidelity insurance.

Legal Protection Insurance

In criminal cases, the state prosecutor always carries out investigations against people. This means that a company cannot perform any protective function. In order to ward off the financial consequences of very often expensive legal proceedings (legal, appraiser and court costs etc.), you need protection and professional assistance! The mere suspicion is enough to initiate a legal investigation…

Factorization / Factoring

Factoring offers you the opportunity of having your receivables securely and professionally converting into liquidity. In this case, factoring and credit insurance are inseparably linked. The concepts, variations and alternative are many and varied – we will find the right provider and work out the right solution together with you.

On the basis of a mandate, similar to a brokerage agreement, we advise small and medium-sized industrial enterprises on the structuring of receivables financing, from individual invoices to large-volume international debtor portfolios.


Don’t wait for your money in projects with long payment periods or long-term payment plans! By assigning your claim – for example in order to secure a project (this guarantees protection against a default on receivables) – to a forfeiting institute (usually a bank), you can sell your claim without recourse and generate immediate liquidity – and your customer enjoys an off-balance financing.

We support you in the sale of individual insured and uninsured receivables via forfaiting transactions with banks.

Project Financing

We offer you a selection of suitable partners on the banking and insurance side for project financing, especially for mechanical and plant engineering as well as in the traditional construction industry.

An capital goods credit insurance often serves as security for this. Together with our national and international partners, we develop the appropriate cover concept.

Purchase Financing

With a merchandise financing scheme you retain your company liquidity by extending the payment periods via a middleman and give yourself a little more financial breathing space.

We offer all options available on the market and advise on the selection of the appropriate strategy, the right partners and the implementation – from technology (IT requirements, automatic data exchange, etc.) to the assessment of a negotiated receivables purchase agreement with optimisation of wording and pricing.

Creditworthiness Information Systems, Claims Management Systems and Collections

Is the customer really everything he says he is? Intelligent credit information systems are able to structure, weight, assess and usefully process the flood of information in order to provide you with its essence for your commercial decision-making. Stand-alone or combined with a credit insurance policy, credit information allows you to improve the quality of your customer structure and accurately identify potential and risks.

But, as always in life, there is no such thing as absolute security or seamless information. In such cases, it is important to have a competent, effective and reputable collection partner at your side who knows his way around the specialised areas of legislation, industries and countries and, in your mutual interest, can master tricky situations for you and your customers.

ABS Transactions

National and international.

Honorary Advisory

We are “sparring partners” for entrepreneurs or decision-makers as consultants in all financial matters, such as in the selection and implementation of individual new banking partners or a complete restructuring of the entire liabilities side of a company balance sheet, and much more.

In crisis scenarios, we try to use our existing network to tender, compare and cost-effectively generate the documents regularly required in such situations (e.g. IDW expert opinions) at an early stage, so that the essential steps in a restructuring can still be decided by the entrepreneur himself.